Hotel Guests’ Expectations and Needs in 2021

Hotel Guests’ Expectations and Needs in 2021 – In terms of positioning, different types of hotels, including hotel keluarga di Bandung, frequently play a key role in hotel selection for customers. Service requirements and expectations are no longer the same as they were ten years ago. Air conditioning was considered a luxury at the time, but it is now standard in hotels. As a result, architects, interior designers, and hoteliers must take into account changing consumer needs. It is becoming increasingly important for hoteliers to reinvent themselves and focus on new things to attract and woo tourist clients.

Customer expectations and needs, as in all industries, evolve in response to new consumption modes and lifestyles. The layout and decor of the hotel must be able to respond to the characteristics of these new customers, who are more mobile but also more connected. There are three types of needs and expectations in the hospitality industry.

Basic traveler expectations

Customers expect to be able to sleep, shower and eat in this expectation, which represents traditional service. This service does not provide any particular satisfaction, but ignoring it will result in customer dissatisfaction. In addition, having good quality beds, clean bathrooms, friendly staff, and WiFi access is an unavoidable service for a family hotel in Bandung.

Expectations in proportion

These extra services boost customer satisfaction. In this case, the hotelier must consider the expectations of his current customers and provide additional services that will allow him to improve his services. High-quality mattresses, room service, restaurant service, and fiber-optic internet access are all options.

Intriguing hope

Architects and interior designers can intervene to provide authentic experiences to Bandung family hotel customers to provide a more unique and distinct positioning. Interior designers collaborate closely with tourism professionals to reinvent establishments and leave a lasting impression. The ability to provide experiences and convey emotions through the layout and decoration of a location has become a valuable asset for tourist attractions.

Getting Around Space Limits

Each space must now be able to perform multiple functions rather than just one. There are more and more places where there is open space, such as in the lobby, where customers can work, eat, or relax. The rooms are more flexible and adaptable to travelers who may want to work a little on the Internet on the weekends, as well as offer business clients a relaxing corner after a long day at work.

The reception hall in the hotel’s current construction and renovation is a large, open space where the reception, bar, restaurant, lounge area, co-working area, and shops congregate. This organization makes it easier for people to get around and move around in businesses. Customers have the option of ordering drinks from the bar, eating at a corner table in the coworking area, or reading a book in the living room. The lobby transforms into a place of exchange and sharing, as well as an important living space.

Create A Family Environment And Service Offerings

Hotels are no longer simply places for people to sleep. Hoteliers intend to transition from a functional hotel for sleeping to a building to live in. These businesses have adapted to changing consumer habits and customer mobility. The hotel has become a meeting place for the entire local community by embracing green living. The restaurant is open to the public, and it is possible to provide a dining area for the surrounding employees. The seminar room and co-working space attract both hotel guests and traveling employees. A space that is open to the outside world and adaptable, allowing for the organization of various events and after-work activities.

Taking into Account Sustainable Development

The hotel of the future will be more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and socially responsible. To satisfy customers who are becoming more environmentally conscious, some hotels are venturing into ecotourism and offering eco-friendly products such as recycled furniture. Urban gardens are installed in this type of establishment, allowing for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Environmental living is incorporated into the hotel environment, with family hotels in Bandung promoting local activities and suppliers who adhere to common-sense principles.

Increase your sense of security

Following the covid-19 pandemic, one of the things that hoteliers must be aware of is the need to respect movement and security limits. The open space allows customers to move freely while still taking full advantage of the company’s services. Aside from social distance, this job requires a quick response to its services to provide the same service while respecting the safety of its customers. As a result, the check-in and check-out system is quickly adopted by operating hoteliers.

We can deduce from the preceding discussion what the expectations and needs of hotel guests are today, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, this article on the expectations and needs of hotel guests in 2021 will inspire those of you who own a hotel or want to make a reservation at a family hotel in Bandung.

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